How to enrol

Find out all the information you need to enrol on a course at the Confucius Institute.

You can enrol on all of our courses via our online enrolment form.

Please ensure that the email you provide in the enrolment form is one that you check regularly as this is the only method of communication that the Confucius Institute will use.

Early enrolment is strongly advised as some courses become full very quickly. If the number of students exceeds the optimum number for a single class, we will implement a reserve list and if possible run a second class.

We require a minimum of five students per class. Course feasibility is decided approximately one week before the first class. If not enough students have enrolled then the course will be cancelled and students informed by email. If already paid, fees will automatically be refunded in full.

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before completing your application.

Terms and conditions

Applications and transfers

Enrolment is not complete until payment has been received. Class details will not be provided until payment has been made.

Transfer of your enrolment to another course may be requested under the following terms:

  • An email must be received before the second lesson of your course
  • There are places available for an alternative course or you are willing for us to hold your fee in credit for a future course. Credit must be used within the current academic year (September – July). Any amount remaining by the end of the year is forfeit.
  • The balance of the fee must be paid if you are transferring to a more expensive course.


Fees are listed alongside each course description. Please note that fees cover tuition only (travel and textbooks are not included).

Payment of fees should be made by credit or debit card via our secure eStore (a link will be sent once the course has been confirmed).

In certain cases, we may also by able to take cheque payments direct to our office.


Refund requests will only be accepted under the following terms:

  • Applications for a refund must be made in writing or via email to
  • Full refunds will only be made if they are received by the Confucius Institute 5 working days before the start date of the course.
  • Students are expected to make the payment prior to the commencement of the classes. Only with exceptional circumstances, considerations will be given to attend a trial class.
  • Once payment has been made and the course has started, refunds will only be given for extenuating medical or personal circumstances. Requested refunds of this nature must be accompanied by evidence and will be approved on a case by case basis.
  • If a course is paid for and then a student requests to defer their place to the following term, students will not be able to then request a refund the following term.
  • We encourage each student to consider the time commitment needed for each course and ensure they feel able to attend the majority of lessons.

Keeping in contact

The preferred method of communication is email. Should a lesson be cancelled due to a tutor’s illness or for any other reason, we will contact students by email to inform them. We strongly advise students to check their emails before each lesson.