After-school clubs

A Mandarin Chinese after-school club is a fun and informal way of introducing primary-age children to Chinese language and culture.

Children in a music workshop looking at a stringed instrument
Lessons are fun and easy-to-follow, covering topics such as traditional Chinese musical instruments.

We have helped a number of schools across the North West set up Chinese after-school clubs for their pupils, and have found that it's a great way for them to measure the level of interest from parents and children before making a commitment to a more structured, curriculum-based learning programme.

Our highly-experienced teaching staff can deliver fun, informal lessons on a wide range of topics. These include:

  • Chinese language
  • Chinese New Year
  • Martial Arts / Tai-Chi
  • Traditional Chinese playground games
  • Games on Chinese culture and customs
  • Chinese songs and traditional musical instruments
  • Folk dance
  • Calligraphy
  • Chinese arts and crafts (traditional paper cutting, paper folding, and knot making

If you are considering Chinese as an addition to the curriculum or would like to supplement your school's existing language-learning programme, a Confucius Institute Chinese after-school club is a great place to start.