Business Chinese course

Our Business Chinese course makes use of the YiyaHanyu Chinese app to enable students to preview the vocabulary and dialogues before learning in the classroom and practising with the teacher.

In this course, the teacher will combine a flipped classroom with communicative approaches to create a blended learning course.

Chinese business etiquette and cultural tips will also be introduced in every lesson to make sure that you can apply what you learn to your work and life. 

1 Greetings and Farewell
2 Say goodbye


Ask someone his or her name, tell someone your name
4 Introduce someone appropriately.
5 Count from 0 to 99
6 Ask about and tell a telephone number
7 In an elevator
8 Inquiring about prices
9 Personal information
10 Nationality and hometown

About YiyaHanyu

YiyaHanyu is an all-round Chinese learning app. Each main lesson in this app begins with a real-life video depicting what you are very likely to experience in China, both in daily life and in business encounters.

The video is followed by a variety of interactive activities covering all aspects of linguistic proficiencies, such as listening, speaking, reading and characters typing.

All lessons end with communicative final tasks supported by speech recognition and evaluation technology.

Learn Chinese with YiyaHanyu, and you will see your language ability develops in a comprehensive and systematic way. With plenty of learning materials and exercises, YiyaHanyu can serve both as a useful supplement for learners with some knowledge in Chinese and as a main course for those with no relevant background.

Currently, the app has entry-level and introductory-level courses. After finishing all the lessons, you will have mastered over 200 Chinese words and handled the language tasks of more than 40 scenarios.

Each main lesson contains the following seven parts:

  • Video: Learn new words directly as they arise in real-life videos.
  • Listening: Sharpen your listening skills with short videos and diverse exercises.
  • Speaking: Have your speaking ability evaluated instantly with speech recognition technology.
  • Reading: Unedited materials that help you to immerse yourself in authentic Chinese contexts.
  • Writing: Learn to type in Chinese with your smartphone, a must-have skill for modern-day communication.
  • Grammar and Usage: Engaging video classes explain new grammar and language usage in a fun and clear way.