International symposia

Since 2010, the Confucius Institute (CI) has held, and will continue to hold, international symposia on Chinese language learning and teaching on a biannual basis. The purpose of the symposium is to provide a platform where Chinese and British scholars are able to communicate in-depth, inspire each other and share their academic research and achievements.

Through interaction with each other and exploration from multiple perspectives, we hope to open our minds to the various modes of Chinese teaching and learning in an English-speaking environment. This in turn will assist us in further improving Chinese teaching and learning.

We also hope that the CI can strengthen its collaboration with Beijing Normal University and other institutions in language learning.

The International Symposium on Chinese Language Learning and Teaching in the UK

2020 - The 5th International Symposium

The 5th International Symposium on Chinese Language Teaching and learning

28-29 November 2020

会议日程( Programme)

Day 1: Saturday, 28 November 2020
第一天会议 (英国时间下午2.30-5.30)



Welcome by Confucius Institute at the University of Manchester


GCSE 口语网课的策略方法与工具

GCSE Speaking: strategies, methods and tools


Ms Lik Suen, School of Oriental and African Studies, (SOAS) University of London



Revisiting Issues of Linguistics in Second Language Education—With Special Attention to Chinese"


Prof. Chengzhi Chu, University of California-Davis



A Study of the Temporal Structures between Chinese and English Verbs: On Perfective


Prof. Chaofen Sun, Stanford University



End of Day 1

Day 2 Sunday 29 November 2020
第二天会议 (英国时间上午10.00-12.45)



Teaching Chinese to children with speech and language disorders


Prof. Dandan Liang, Nanjing Normal University



Interactive live online Chinese language teaching and platform development


Dr. Xiumei Hu, Beijing Normal University


Special Educational Needs and the strategies to use

Ben Mercer, 万圣天主教中学(孔子课堂)

Mr Ben Mercer, All Hallows Catholic College(Confucius Classroom)


休息 (break)



以直播交互式教学平台Zoom和Blackboard Collaborate为例

A Study of Teaching Chinese for Adult Learners via Live Streaming Interactive Platforms in the UK: Taking Zoom and Blackboard Collaborate Platforms as Examples


Ms Lucy Yang, The Confucius Institute

 at the University of Manchester


Teaching Chinese characters and writing up to GCSE level


Ms Jia Ding, Altrincham Grammar School for Boys



End of Symposium

2016 - The 4th International Symposium

The 4th International Symposium on Chinese Language Learning and Teaching in the UK

Saturday, 26 November 2016


  • 9.30—10.50am: Preparation of the Listening and Speaking Lesson
    Dr. ZHANG Hui / 张会,Beijing Normal University 北京师范大学
  • 11am—12.30pm: Teaching, Revision and Practice of Listening and Speaking Lesson
    Dr. YANG Quan / 杨泉,Beiing Normal University 北京师范大学 
  • 2—2.40pm How to teach Mandarin to Primary and Secondary schools using websites and apps. 
    Ms YANG Luxi / 杨璐西, Confucius Institute at The University of Manchester
  • 2.40—3.20pm: Mandarin Lesson Preparing and Teaching by iPads
    Mr ZHANG Weizhi / 张维,Confucius Institute at the University of Manchester

2014 - The 3rd International Symposium

The 3rd International Symposium on Chinese Language Learning and Teaching in the UK

24-25 January 2015


24 January 2015

  • 10-11.15am: How to make oral Chinese teaching effective
    Associate Professor Shuangxia Sheng, Beijing Normal University
  • 11.30am-12.45pm: Teaching and learning Mandarin Tones in an English Secondary school
    Rob Neil, Stretford high School

Afternoon discussion:

  • Effective Listening and Speaking Activities 
    Chair: Minjie Xing Senior Language tutor at the University of Manchester 
  • How to Teach Pinyin and Tones 
    Chair: Lily Deng, Language teacher at St Paul’s Primary School

25th January 2015

  • 9.30-11am: Cultural Characteristics of “visual-audio-oral” Course
    Professor Xuesong Wang, Beijing Normal University
  • 11.15am-12.45pm: The Analysis of the Introductory level’s Chinese Character Teaching Conditions and the Consideration of the Teaching Methods
    Professor Liping Feng, Beijing Normal University

Afternoon discussion:

  • How to Teach Chinese Characters
    Chair: Haiyan Zeng, Language Tutor at the University of Manchester
  • Improving the Reading Skills 
    Chair: Ablimit Baki, Senior Language tutor at the University of Manchester

2012 - The 2nd International Symposium

The 2nd International Symposium was successfully held in partnership with Beijing Normal University

18 - 21 October 2012

The topics covered included:

  • The design and use of Happy Chinese by Professor Ma Yanhua, BNU
  • Introduction to Hanban Chinese textbooks by Sun Lifeng, CI Chinese Director
  • How to Teach Chinese Pronunciation and Vocabulary, Professor Zhang Hesheng, BNU
  • Chinese phonetics and pronunciation teaching, Professor Ding Chongming, BNU
  • Introduction to “Learn Chinese with Me” Professor Zhu Zhiping, BNU

View a copy of the 2012 programme in Chinese (PDF).

2010 - The 1st International Symposium

The 1st International Symposium was successfully held on 8 and 9 October with 3 guest speakers from China and 12 from the UK, attended by over 50 Chinese language teachers across the UK

Symposium topics included:

  • Characteristics of teaching Chinese in the United Kingdom
  • Chinese language research on Chinese learners whose first language is English
  • Integration of academic research and teaching practice on Chinese as a foreign language
  • The design of the textbooks on the Nationalized Chinese language and culture and the problems they are confronting
  • The design of Chinese teaching and teacher training within the aim of promoting the Chinese language and culture
  • The choice of teaching resources within the aim of promoting the Chinese language and culture
  • Discussions on the original modes of Chinese teaching within the aim of promoting the Chinese language and culture

View a copy of the 2010 programme in Chinese (PDF).