Language Summer School

If you have started to learn Chinese and would like to practice and improve your language, this two-week summer school can help you to achieve this.

Dates: 22 June to 6 July 2024

Venue and accommodation: Beijing Normal University, China.

Programme content

  • 30 hours of language learning plus an assessment

  • 8 cultural workshops and immersive experiences including brush painting, ceramics, taichi, calligraphy, fan making, tea ceremony, market visit and making dumplings
  • A visit to the Great Wall and some local historical sites in Beijing.

Upon arrival in Beijing, you will be streamed into a class based on your language level. There will be spare time to explore the city of ancient civilisation and modernity and meet other learners from across the globe.


You must have studied 20 hours of Mandarin at Manchester Confucius Institute since September 2022 before the programme starts.

Please submit a 300-word statement no later than 29 April 2024 to that covers the following:

  • Your current level of Chinese
  • When you have studied with Manchester Confucius Institute in the last two years and which course
  • How you will benefit from learning Chinese academically, personally and in terms of your career.

The scholarship will cover your tuition, accommodation and social programme of the two-week study. You are expected to pay for your international flights and daily expenses. Please note that this trip will require an X2 Student Visa. This Visa will invalidate other Visas you may already have obtained to China so please take this into account before applying.