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Confucius Institute

Teacher training for non-Chinese-speaking educators

Do you work in primary or secondary education in the UK? Would you like to introduce Mandarin Chinese into your lessons?

Chinese books on bookshelf
Our trainee teachers receive the most up-to-date teaching materials from China

Gain insight into Chinese language and culture and acquire up-to-date textbooks and teaching materials that will bring your lessons to life with our Teacher Training Course. The course is accredited by Hanban and delivered by educational experts from China.

Following on from the course, we can also help supply native-speaking Chinese teaching assistants to your school and opportunities for further training in China.


  • Our teacher training programmes are suitable for:
  • Primary school teachers
  • Secondary school teachers
  • Head teachers
  • Language co-ordinators
  • Anyone interested in learning and teaching Chinese

Learning objectives

  • To prepare non-Chinese speaking teachers to deliver Chinese language taster sessions with the aid of tailor-made courseware and multimedia tools
  • To enable teachers to introduce Chinese arts & crafts, songs & games as well as sports activities with step-by-step instructions and templates
  • To help schools to promote Chinese language and culture to wider communities


  • £100 for 10 accredited training sessions
  • £100 for teaching resource pack including all course PPTs, games, arts and crafts materials etc

Autumn 2014 teaching programme

The Autumn 2014 course will run every Thursday evening from 4.30 - 6pm, 2 October – 11 December 2014 (except for school holidays) at The University of Manchester, Oxford Road Campus.

What is covered in our lessons

  1. Numbers and general knowledge of China
  2. Greetings and self-introduction
  3. Family members and the Chinese family
  4. Colours and paper-cutting
  5. Pets and the twelve zodiac animals
  6. Food, drink and paper-folding
  7. Body parts and Chinese calligraphy
  8. Chinese traditional sports: Jianzi, shabao and taichi
  9. Time, Date & Painting Chinese opera masks
  10. Chinese festivals and lantern-making