Mandarin teaching at Pownall Hall School

28 September 2017

The Confucius Institute has supported Mandarin teaching at Pownall Hall School since 2015.

The focus of teaching Mandarin is on listening and speaking skills, with reading and writing being introduced from Year 2. Pupils are actively involved in learning through games, story-telling, role plays and the use of real-life props. We support student’s efforts to acquire the language through a fun way without pressure by:

1. drawing on their prior knowledge in several topics like numbers, family members, body, countries, colours, currency, animals, expressing emotions etc

2. motivating through class activities, Chinese festival celebration, Chinese stories and songs

3. providing opportunities for reflection and consolidation through group work and the Mandarin club

David Goulbourn, Headmaster of Pownall Hall School adds: ‘Pownall Hall School has been delighted with the provision for Mandarin. It has added a depth and diversity that the school wanted. The lessons have been wonderful and the children enjoy seeing the teacher each week. Parents have also commented positively on the opportunity for their children to learn Mandarin.’

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