Cycling in the city follows trends in China

29 June 2017

Mobike, the Beijing-based bike hiring scheme has been launched in Manchester and Salford at the end of June.

Oxford Road has been transformed and one of Manchester’s most recognisable roads is now a more pleasant and greener environment for everyone. Corridor Manchester Travel’s annual cycle event was hosted by The University of Manchester, celebrating the transformation of Oxford Road and National Clean Air Day. In pursuit of the same goal, to encourage people to take up cycling for their wellbeing and to reduce carbon emissions, Mobike, a bike hiring scheme has been launched in Manchester and Salford at the end of June. 

Mobike is a Beijing-based bike-sharing company that is already running cycle hire schemes across Singapore and China. Revealed by the M.E.N last week, this cutting-edge, app-based service will start on Thursday, 29th June and is set to revolutionise our cities. Manchester and Salford are the first cities in Europe to adopt the scheme in this latest Manchester-China partnership. Supported by the City councils and transport bosses, the scheme aims at getting more people on two wheels for short trips and will also help tackle congestion and dangerous pollution levels. Andy Burnham, Greater Manchester Mayor, said: “As Mayor I want to see many more people swapping their cars for bikes in Greater Manchester and I will take a positive approach to promoting cycling across our city-region.’

Weiwei Hu, founder of Mobike, said in an interview with M.E.N: “We’re very excited to make Manchester and Salford Mobike’s first European partners. They have long been a European leader in culture, innovation and technology and were carefully selected as a promising and highly-suited Mobike city. The councils and TfGM are ideal partners to help the people of Manchester and Salford make the most of our high-tech offering.”

How Mobike works

Mobikes will be located at high traffic spots initially and with their unique orange and silver look it will be hard to miss them. They will feature non-puncture airless tyres and an aluminium frame for low maintenance and a built-in GPS tracker, lock and smartphone app. By downloading the app and registering, you will be able to find a nearby Mobike and unlock it by scanning its code. After an initial refundable deposit/joining fee, you pay around 50p for the first 30mins (A full price list is yet to be released). When you have reached your destination, you can leave the bike at allocated sites across the city and manually close the lock to secure it.

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