UK and China talk Mental Health!

27 April 2017

Senior hospital managers from China came to learn about how the UK tackles issues around mental health.

Image of medical delegation

On 26/27 April, 28 senior hospital managers from China came to The University of Manchester to learn about how the medical profession and community care work together to tackle issues around mental health in the UK and how university research contributes to the medical practice in this field. 

Over a dozen professors and researchers in the School of Psychology shared their expertise in suicide prevention as well as their application of technology in mental health and psychosis. In addition, Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Trust and BlueSci Old Trafford Wellbeing Centre gave presentations on their service delivery and a visit was made to Six Degrees Social Enterprise at Salford to understand how community based support is key to mental health problems.

Issues around mental health are receiving attention in China where growing economic development, fierce competition and life style changes have seen an increase of mental health problems and devastating consequences to their families and society. There is still a stigma around mental health issues in society and there is little support outside the medical system.
The exchange of expertise amongst medical professionals will help China to find ways to deal with this ongoing problem and identify resources related to research and support within the community that can be put in place.

The Confucius Institute was proud to be able to facilitate this training programme and enable the exchange between UK and China to address the challenges around mental health in our societies.

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