Our new link school: Alderly Edge School for Girls

30 March 2017

Alderley Edge School for Girls introduced Mandarin lunch time clubs with the support of Confucius Institute. Mrs Jayne Davison who is in charge of the programme, spoke to us and explained why they wanted to bring Mandarin to the school.

Image of Alderley Edge School for Girls

Alderley Edge School for Girls is located in rural Cheshire in the village of Alderley Edge, England. The school was founded in September 1999 and enjoys excellent academic results, which far exceed national expectations.

On 3rd March 2017, the Junior School held their first Mandarin lunch time club and year 5 teacher Mrs Jayne Davison explains why they have chosen to bring Mandarin to their school:

Why did your school want to introduce Mandarin to your pupils?
J: We wanted to bring Mandarin to the school because, as co-coordinator of Gifted and Talented, I wanted to give the girls an opportunity to stretch their language opportunities to a language not currently studied by our school.

Why did you choose to ask the Confucius Institute to facilitate the lunchtime club?
J: I chose the Confucius Institute because I believed that they would deliver an appropriate course for the age group. Also, with Mandarin being a difficult language - it needed to be taught by experts!

What is your long-term vision about the Mandarin programme?
J: This course is initially a taster for the girls. At the end of the 5 weeks we will review how successful it has been and what the demand is for it to continue. Our long term vision is maybe to continue to offer mandarin as an extra-curricular option in the Junior school.

The Mandarin lunch time club attracted over 10 children from years 4-6 and it runs once a week for 1 hour. The Mandarin tutor Miss Grace LIN is a seconded teacher from our partner university Beijing Normal University and her academic background is Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. Her course content combines language learning and arts and crafts and she has already covered greetings and self-introductions, numbers, family members, colours, a Chinese song and dance, paper folding and paper cutting. The feedback has been great so far, saying that the pupils love their lessons and always say Xie Xie at the end of their class.

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