Our link school: The Bury Grammar Schools in the heart of Lancashire

28 November 2016

The pupils at Bury Grammar School age from 3 to 18 years old and they enjoy numerous opportunities with a comprehensive extra-curricular programme.

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The Bury Grammar Schools

This programme has an extensive range of educational school visits which help all children develop their skills and enthusiasm and personal characteristics such as resilience and concentration.

In particular we are proud of the opportunities they enjoy in languages, including learning Mandarin from a very young age, which is currently being taught by our teacher Ya Jie once a week.

All of these experiences including World Challenge and the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme occur at Bury Grammar School Girls and Bury Grammar School Boys where opportunities are abundant throughout the whole age range. The high academic standards with a focus on excellence enable every child to unlock their unique potential while the small class sizes ensure greater individual attention for each student with better, faster and more targeted progress.

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