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Confucius Institute 曼彻斯特大学孔子学院

2017 Confucius Institute news

Confucius Institute plays a key role in P2P
4 December 2017
The fifth annual UK-China High-Level People to People Dialogue (P2P) will be held in the UK from 4 to 7 December 2017. It is the most senior UK-China dialogue in the UK this year.

Our partners: The Manchester China Institute
4 December 2017
Prof Peter Hays Gries talks to us about the Manchester China Institute:

Using the 把 (ba) Sentence – Lesson 1
30 November 2017
Much has been said about the 把 sentence, which has become one of the best known constructions in Mandarin.

Local Mandarin teacher featured on BBC One Breakfast
30 November 2017
Ms Lily Deng shares her experience of speaking live on BBC One Breakfast about Mandarin learning in this country.

Easy Chinese characters and how to understand their meaning
31 October 2017
One of the most frequent questions asked by absolute beginners is how to study characters.

A busy month of workshops
31 October 2017
In October we held a number of successful China Day workshops and engaged around 120 Primary and Secondary school children.

A Season of Transformation
28 September 2017
The autumn welcomes the arrival of some exciting exhibitions, talks and films, representing contemporary China on campus and in the city.

In the media
28 September 2017
The Institute was recently interviewed by Xinhua News Agency, China’s state media organisation about its development since Chinese President Xi’s visit to the University in October 2015.

Having Fun with Chinese Chengyu
28 September 2017
Chinese Chengyu are priceless in understanding Chinese culture.

Mandarin teaching at Pownall Hall School
28 September 2017
The Confucius Institute has supported Mandarin teaching at Pownall Hall School since 2015.

The Launch of Manchester Confucius Institute Choir
4 September 2017
The Confucius Institute is launching a number of intercultural workshops to enhance your language learning experience.

Mid-Autumn Festival Quiz
4 September 2017
Test your knowledge on the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival to see how well you know China’s second biggest annual festival!

Bring China to your School – How the Confucius Institute can help you along the way
4 September 2017
The Confucius Institute can help bring teaching and learning about China alive in your school.

China-UK-Europe Economic Interconnection
29 June 2017
The University of Manchester will host annual conference to discuss innovation and economic transformation and its impact on the international community.

Cycling in the city follows trends in China
29 June 2017
Mobike, the Beijing-based bike hiring scheme has been launched in Manchester and Salford at the end of June.

Literal translations of Mandarin words that will make you chuckle
29 June 2017
Many words or concepts in Chinese are built up from other simpler concepts and their direct translation will make you smile.

Bolton School for Boys' Mandarin learning journey
29 June 2017
Mr Colin Hough and Mandarin teacher Mr Zhang Weizhi share their experiences of introducing Mandarin to their school.

Tucking in to multiple meanings
26 May 2017
We explore the different meanings of the Chinese word "chī".

Annual Chinese Bridge Competition in London
26 May 2017
Back in April, Computer Science student Daniel Thomas competed in the Chinese Bridge Competition in London on behalf of the Confucius Institute alongside 30 other contestants.

Cultural spring
26 May 2017
In the spring month of May, we organised and experienced a plethora of cultural events in Manchester that relate to China and its culture.

China's new ambition
26 May 2017
A dozen University of Manchester staff and students attended the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Open Day at the Chinese Consul General’s Residence on Friday 19 May.

My life at Oasis
26 May 2017
Shuang Hong, one of our Chinese Mandarin teachers is about to finish her time teaching at Oasis Academy Limeside and Oasis Academy Oldham and reflects on her time at an UK school.

Hands-on cultural exchange with a difference
27 April 2017
In March and April the Confucius Institute hosted two workshops that were totally different from the traditional cultural workshops that are usually on the agenda.

UK and China talk Mental Health!
27 April 2017
Senior hospital managers from China came to learn about how the UK tackles issues around mental health.

We are on Weibo!
27 April 2017
Sina Weibo, currently the largest Chinese social network, is actually a microblogging platform commonly compared to Twitter and CI has its own page!

YCT Test in Confucius Classrooms and Link Schools
27 April 2017
The YCT test was launched in an effort to encourage foreign young students to learn Chinese and improve their Chinese language proficiency.

Chinese plants in a Manchester urban oasis
29 March 2017
Gardens are created in every conceivable space and a wonderful gardening space exists in the heart of Hulme, close to the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University.

The “Four Gentlemen” in Chinese painting
29 March 2017
“The Four Gentlemen” (四君子 junzi) in Chinese brush painting refer to four plants: plum (梅 mei), orchid (兰 lan), bamboo (竹 zhu), and chrysanthemum (菊 ju). Those four plants have become the basis of Chinese art because of their beauty and characters.

Our new link school: Alderly Edge School for Girls
30 March 2017
Alderley Edge School for Girls introduced Mandarin lunch time clubs with the support of Confucius Institute. Mrs Jayne Davison who is in charge of the programme, spoke to us and explained why they wanted to bring Mandarin to the school.

Our partners: The Chinese Student and Scholar Association
28 February 2017
Under the guidance of Education Section, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, CSSA organises, sponsors and supports various social activities among Chinese students and scholars in Manchester.

The Qing Ming Festival - a Chinese holiday that commemorates family ancestors
28 February 2017
Alongside the Spring, Dragon Boat and Mid-autumn Festivals, the Qing Ming Festival (清明节 Qing míng Jié) is one of the most important traditional festivals in China. It is also known as Tomb Sweeping Day, which falls on April 4th or 5th of the Gregorian calendar.

Manchester Test centre is up and running
28 February 2017
In the last two years, the Confucius Institute Manchester has increased its efforts to raise the profile of Chinese language teaching and learning within a recognised accredited framework.

Enriching student’s lives with arts and culture
31 January 2017
In 2017, the Confucius Institute will focus on enriching student’s experiences through a varied programme of arts and culture, offering them unique opportunities to fully experience the culture of China.

The Art of Giving Gifts in China
1 December 2016
When should a gift be given in China? What types of gifts are acceptable?

Our 10th Anniversary Celebration
30 November 2016
Ten year anniversary of Confucius Institute marks Manchester’s commitment to Chinese learning and teaching.

Education Secretary visits 'Outstanding' Oasis Academy Limeside
30 November 2016
Chinese language learning, fencing, philosophy and computer science were just a selection of the unique subjects the Secretary of State observed during her time with us.

Our link school: The Bury Grammar Schools in the heart of Lancashire
28 November 2016
The pupils at Bury Grammar School age from 3 to 18 years old and they enjoy numerous opportunities with a comprehensive extra-curricular programme.

Our partners: The Lowry
25 October 2016
The National Ballet of China will be visiting The Lowry and we were able to connect them with an academic expert for a pre-show talk on Thursday, 24 November 2016.

Sister cities Wuhan and Manchester - 30 years on
25 October 2016
If you happen to travel to China at the end of October, you can go to Wuhan for some dosage of Manchester music and food.

A Mandarin Chinese Learning App we recommend: ChineseSkill
25 October 2016
Technology is very much part of language learning throughout the world at all different levels.

Welcome to our new Senior Language Tutor – Ms Lucy Yang
25 October 2016
The Confucius Institute would like to introduce Ms Lucy Yang as their newly appointed Senior Language Tutor.

Official Opening of the Confucius Institute at 180 Waterloo Place
29 September 2016
Celebrations on Wednesday, 21 September 2016.

Colours in Chinese Culture
29 September 2016
Learn about the meaning of colours in Chinese culture.

The new Director of the Confucius Institute
29 September 2016
Dr Aaron Moore has been appointed as the new Academic Director of the Confucius Institute.