Talking Football

27 June 2016

The UEFA European Championships is fully underway and although China isn’t part of it, there are still lots of Chinese football fans in Britain. Why not try and engage with them by talking football.

There are four important football tournaments for England football fans:

  • 奥 运 会 足 球 赛 (ào yùn huì zú qiú sài) - Olympic Football Match
  • 世 界 杯 足 球 赛 (Shì jiè bei zú qiú sài) - FIFA World Cup
  • 欧 洲 杯 足 球 赛 (Ou Zhou Bei zú qiú sài ) - UEFA European Championships
  • 英 国 超 级 联 赛 ( 英超) Ying guó chao jí lián sài (Ying chao) - English FA Premiership

The main roles on the football match are:

  • 球星 (Qiú xing Qiú yuán ) - Football superstar
  • 球员 (Jiqiú yuan - Football player
  • 裁判 (Cái pàn Jiào liàn ) - Referee
  • 教练 (Jiào liàn) – Coach

You may want to tell your friend that your dream is to become a Football superstar: 我 想 当 (球 星)(Wo xiang dang Qiú xing) *you can replace the word in the brackets

To say you are a fan, you would use 球迷 (qiúmí) and this is how you would say you are an England fan: 我 是 英国 队 球 迷 (wo shì ying guó duì qiú mí)

If you want to learn more about football in mandarin, watch one of our teachning lessons below:

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