Bolton School Mandarin Club

8 September 2016

Our teacher Weizhi Zhang has run a successful Mandarin Club with Bolton school’s Year 7s pupils.

Our teacher Weizhi Zhang has run a successful Mandarin Club with Bolton school’s Year 7s pupils. They met every Wednesday from 4-5pm to learn more about the language and to discover new aspects of Chinese culture. 

The group has made great progress in developing better fluency with the Pinyin system by debating sport in China and exploring Chinese music.

Furthermore, we practised calligraphy and looked at the range of Chinese delicacies that are about. As a result the boys learned to talk about various sporting superstars in China and they can also order dishes in Mandarin and maybe even sing a few lines from popular Chinese songs!

All in all it has been a very productive year for the club and we hope that more boys will join in the future. Many thanks goes out to all those who attended and whose patience and hard work has helped to make the club a success.

Feedback from the students

James Roberts

"The after school Mandarin club is fun and is worth the hour spent there. Over the year I and the other club members have learnt a lot about the language and the culture. Mr. Zhang is an excellent teacher and always gets involved. He plans the club well and he makes sure we are always busy, with many quick quizzes and other activities. Over the year the club has taught us about the language, the history and the culture of China. It also includes many features about Chinese life that we don't think about, such as opera and drama. Overall I have enjoyed this club very much."

Muneeb Yousaf

"Ni Hao, this club has been an amazing opportunity for me to learn Mandarin, and to experience it with the best Mandarin teacher I know. I have never done Mandarin before and has been a pleasure learning it. My favourite topic was learning about football and things related to it. (Although I barely know anything about how to say it in Mandarin). I think everything is perfect, but I think you should do some more team activities with us, just like you did last week. I was just wandering if there is any future Mandarin clubs you offer? I am doing Mandarin next year as well, so this was a good kick off."

Ali Ahmed

"We have learnt lots of different things in mandarin. To say what we like, football anagrams and numbers, how we speak the words in mandarin, reading and Chinese characters, time, and many more things. I have enjoyed the football bit the most. To improve, give the books as you start the club next year and also try to learn things that will appeal to the children more." 

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