My teaching experience at Bolton School

5 September 2015

Hear from Wang Hong on his experience teaching at Bolton School.

I teach Mandarin at the Junior Boys Division as well as Junior Girls Division at Bolton School since June 2014.

While Mandarin is a lunch club type session at the Junior Girls Division, it is part of the curriculum at the Junior Boys Division.

All of the boys from Year3 to Year6 have one mandarin lesson per week. I am in charge of Year 3 and Year 4, and their local teacher Mr Colin Hough teaches Year5 and Year6. He assists my classes and I received a lot of support and inspiration from him. All courses are linked to the Chinese Proficiency Tests YCT. I base my teaching on the work of the world language scheme, local Mandarin level, YCT requirement and students’ interest and hope that the students enjoy their time learning Mandarin in my lessons. I am quite pleased that the lessons have received very good feedback and the subject has become one of the most popular ones at the Junior Boys Division.

The Mandarin lunchtime club is an extra-curricular activity for the Girls Division. It is a fun and informative way of introducing Chinese language and culture to pupils. Pupils can sign up for the club that they are interested in and again, Mandarin actually became the most popular and biggest club during lunchtime, with more than 40 girls signed up. Many girls develop an interest in Mandarin and Chinese culture during their time at the club and as a result, seek to pursue it further as they move on in their education.

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