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Confucius Institute

Three speakers in Whitworth Hall

Free Public Talks

Our Lunchtime talks are free to attend and everyone is welcome.

This year's Confucius Institute public talks will continue to be held in The Kanaris Theatre, The Manchester Museum, Oxford Road between 1pm and 2pm on an elected Monday every months during term time. 

Topics covered

  • Chinese Kunqu Opera - Kathy Lee Hall (London Jing Kun Opera Association)
  • Hong Kong Cinema - Kaby Kung (University of Manchester)
  • Tibetan Buddhism in Contemporary China - Jane Caple (University of Manchester)
  • Chinese History and the Politics of Charity - Dr Pierre Fuller (University of Manchester)
  • Divergence and Convergence: Traditional Chinese and Western Modes of Thinking - Dr Keekok Lee
  • How do China’s leading thinkers view the rest of the world? - Dr Astrid Nordin (University of Leeds)
  • China's International Relations - Dr Chris Ogden (University of St Andrew’s, Edinburgh
  • The first Chinese books in London: the collection of Sir Hans Sloane - Dr Frances Wood, Curator of Chinese Collections, The British Library
  • Sweet Mandarin: A Family History - Ms Helen Tse, Sweet Mandarin Chinese Restaurant
  • Bond markets, revolutions, and the Chinese Maritime Customs Service - Professor Hans van de Ven, Professor of Modern Chinese History, (University of Cambridge)
  • Precious Litter: Qing imperial craft production and intangible cultural heritage - Professor Dagmar Schaefer (University of Manchester)
  • Fu Manchu and the construction of Oriental villainy Dr Jenny Clegg, (University of Central Lancashire)
  • Public engagement practice in Contemporary Chinese Arts - Ying Kwok (The Chinese Arts Centre)
  • Chinese Migration - Jiaqi Hou (University of Manchester)
  • Ethnicity in China - Dr Elena Barabantseva (University of Manchester)
  • Travel Within China - Helen Machin (Wai Yin Chinese Women Society)
  • China and Its Neighbours - Professor William Callahan (University of Manchester)
  • The Margins Within: What Gays and Lesbians Can Tell Us about Contemporary Chinese Society - Dr William Schroeder (university of Manchester)